Alcatel Lucent Enterprise: Great User Experience Is Never An Accident

Unified Access for a Seamless

User Experience Wired and wireless access delivered on a unified network infrastructure

The Alcatel-Lucent Unified Access solution provides a consistent network service and application experience for both wired and wireless devices. It is the only solution that leverages the entire Enterprise portfolio, achieved simply via software upgrades to our switches and management system. This means no rip and replacement is required.

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With this futureproof solution, you can:

  • Address the challenges presented to corporations trying to deal with major market trends like mobility, BYOD and the move to the Cloud
  • Provide employees with the freedom to choose any devices (corporate or personal), any access methods (wired or wireless), from anywhere, at any time
  • Deliver secure, high quality applications, especially multimedia communications such as voice, images and videos
  • Adopt BYOD without overloading the IT team and keeping your network secure
  • Gain visibility and control of the applications in the network, prioritizing business critical ones while enabling employees to explore new applications
  • Consolidate infrastructure for the connectivity of multiple networked devices
  • Simplify operations for IT teams through unified management, deployment automation and single policy definition across the wired and wireless infrastructure, from the edge to the network core