Perfect storm is brewing in Malaysia: Brocade

According to networking solutions provider Brocade, a perfect storm is brewing in Malaysia for the company with the ramping up of its operations, which includes the appointment of a new country manager, a new Malaysian distributor – SpringLab – and the launch of the second generation of its campus LAN switches.

Brocade Southeast Asia regional director Gina Tan said on 7 March 2012 that Brocade is at the leading edge of network transformation encompassed by its ‘Effortless Network’ vision. “This is the year of the Ethernet fabric architecture, campus LAN [local area network] expansion with revenue in the Asia Pacific growing more than 20 times in the past 12 years, claiming 80 percent market share in networking solutions in the region.”

Brocade’s Malaysia office was established in August 2010, said Tan. “This marked more than a decade of investment by Brocade in Malaysia and the company has tripled its local head count since then, along with the appointment of a country manager, Sean Ong. These moves are in tune with the Malaysian prime minister’s announcement to increase the country’s data centre space from 0.5 to 5 million sq ft [(14,158 sq metres to 141,584 sq metres] by 2010.”

“One of the key drivers this to growth is the need for network transformation,” she said. “The demand for 24×7 instant availability of information has become a norm and the company’s continuous drive for innovation in the Ethernet fabric architecture space was accelerated with Brocade’s marriage with Foundry three years ago. Adoption of these solutions can offer a 30 percent reduction of operating costs.”

“One of the breakthroughs in SAN [storage area networks] is highlighted by the company’s 100 Gigabit Ethernet channel about a year ago,” she said, adding that the company had allotted an investment of US$100 million to the region, which included the recent opening of a regional briefing centre (RBC) in Singapore to offer in-depth training and demonstrations to its partners and regional customers.

During the opening of RBC, Brocade chief executive officer, Michael Klayko, said: “These investments are aimed at achieving our company’s goal of constantly enhancing our ability to serve the needs of our customers worldwide. While we are justifiably proud of our world-class executive briefing centre facility at our corporate headquarters, these regional briefing centres make it easier for our Asia Pacific customers to do business with us by enabling them to access Brocade resources, explore solution options, and interact with our staff in their home region.”

Brocade’s new distributor in Malaysia, Springlab Distribution’s director Desmond Low said the company offered Malaysian customers value added IT infrastructure services as well as a demonstration showcase, which was a mini version of the new Singapore briefing centre.

Innovation for campus LAN

“The need to keep up with the speed of change in ICT in the education sector is helped by our Effortless Network vision, which drives all our solutions,” said Brocade Malaysia country manager, Sean Ong. “The Effortless Network is based on three main pillars.”

These are:

  • Dramatically simplified and automated access layer networks to significantly reduce operational overhead and enable IT to respond to business needs in real-time
  • Unmatched scalability and upgradeability to accommodate emerging applications and IT imperatives for the next decade, extending the life of the network infrastructure
  • No-compromise solutions that deliver enterprise-class functionality and availability at tremendous business value


“This vision is also based on the new Brocade HyperEdge technology, which is designed to deliver new levels of automation and simplification of the campus LAN lifecycle-with significant cost savings and investment protection,” said Ong. “Brocade also introduced two additions to the Brocade ICX switch family to support the company’s advancements in campus LAN technology.”

He said the new technology and network switches [ICX 6430 and ICX 6450] through a single point management layer can lower administrative costs and offer capital expenditure cost savings of up to 50 percent. “The Brocade ICX switch family also helps campus LAN managers to cope with the BYOD [bring your own device] trend, as well as virtualisation initiatives across the enterprise, and rising video traffic through single-point management.”