Application Delivery Controllers

Brocade Layer 4-7 application delivery and traffic management solutions enable high-performance, always-on, and secure IP services delivery in enterprise, service provider, and e-commerce data centers. These solutions are purpose-built to accelerate, secure, and scale IP, Web, and VoIP applications.

Director Blades

Brocade offers cost-effective, integrated blades for use in the Brocade DCX Backbone family and Brocade 48000 Directors. These special-purpose blades provide SAN fabric-based services, enable iSCSI (Ethernet) servers to access SAN-based storage, and provide encryption for data-at-rest.

Management Software

Brocade offers comprehensive network management solutions that help organizations simplify management to improve efficiency and reduce costs. These solutions are designed to unify management in highly dynamic storage, Ethernet, and converged networking environments.


Brocade offers a complete family of Ethernet routers for enterprise, data center, and service provider networks. With industry-leading performance, reliability, and scalability features, these routers enable highly available and secure networks from the edge to the core.

SAN Backbones

The Brocade DCX 8510 and Brocade DCX Backbone families are designed to unleash the full potential of private cloud storage. With unmatched scalability, performance, and reliability, they are the strategic platforms for transforming current SAN fabrics into cloud-optimized SANs. Brocade backbones enable organizations to meet their most pressing business requirements with a future-proof solution built on proven data center technology.

SAN Fabric Applications

The Brocade Application Platform provides a high-speed, reliable device for SAN fabric-based services in data center environments. Tightly integrated with popular enterprise storage applications from EMC, this solution delivers wire-speed data movement and offloads server resources.


Brocade optical transceiver modules connect Brocade switches, directors, backbones, HBAs, and CNAs to a broad spectrum of data center resources, providing Fibre Channel and Ethernet connectivity, and satisfying a wide range of speed and distance requirements.

Wireless LAN Access Points

Brocade offers a variety of dependent and adaptive Access Points (APs) to support high-performance, reliable, and secure 802.11n-based wireless communications. Brocade Mobility APs are part of an intelligent mesh network that simplifies the connectivity and management of traffic between users, APs, and controllers.

Wireless LAN Controllers

Brocade Mobility Wireless LAN (WLAN) controllers enable secure, real-time data access in environments ranging from remote offices to large enterprises. These products feature high-performance, high-availability capabilities to boost productivity and improve collaboration on a global basis.


Industry-leading Brocade switches are the foundation for high-performance connectivity in storage, IP, and converged network environments. These highly reliable, scalable, and available switches are designed for a wide range of environments—enabling a low TCO and fast ROI.