SAN Fabric Applications

The Brocade Application Platform provides a high-speed, reliable device for SAN fabric-based services in data center environments. Tightly integrated with popular enterprise storage applications from EMC, this solution delivers wire-speed data movement and offloads server resources.

EMC RecoverPoint on Brocade

Based on the EMC RecoverPoint Appliance and the Brocade Application Platform, EMC RecoverPoint on Brocade is designed to provide continuous remote data replication and data protection across heterogeneous IT environments. By leveraging existing Brocade SAN fabrics and WAN connectivity, it helps protect critical applications against data loss and supports a wide range of business continuance initiatives.

EMC Invista on Brocade

Based on the EMC Invista Appliance and the Brocade Application Platform, EMC Invista on Brocade virtualizes heterogeneous networked storage. This solution leverages the intelligence in Brocade data center fabrics to simplify storage provisioning and management, enable network-based local replication, and significantly reduce the downtime associated with data movement.