Business Computers

NEC business computers have long been recognized for their quality and reliability by our customers in Japan. cNow NEC offers the same benefits to customers expanding their business worldwide.
Through our extensive network in Japan and various overseas locations, we support the overseas expansion and business growth of our customers with a wide range of services, from computer installation to after-sales support.
Laptops and PCs

Rack Servers
Tower Servers
Thin Client Solution

VPCC Virtual PC Center
Easy Management & Advanced Work Style With NEC’s Thin Client Solution
› A complete solution from NEC – from platform management software to servers and thin client terminals
› NEC’s platform management technology brings stability to enterprise IT systems Deliver advanced stability through technology such as automatic load-balancing.

Industrial Computers

ShieldPRO N22G
Durability and toughness.Realizing great performance with Core(TM) i7 processor even under the severe environments.