Blade Servers

Blade Server System

IT managers are facing infrastructure challenges that include costs, energy, change and productivity. NEC Express5800 Blade servers provide a versatile infrastructure to quickly deliver services to your business. NEC Express5800 Blade servers systems contain server, storage and network components in a cost-effective design. The management of blade servers is far easier than traditional rack-mount servers, the density is greater and the power consumption much lower.

Efficient power management

The NEC Blade server systems provides power capping functionality to reduce unnecessary power consumption and cut energy bills. This is enabled by the integrated Enclosure Management (EM) Card, which tracks power trends in a rack and keeps the overall power consumption from exceeding the power limit by optimally allocating the amount of power across server blades and enclosures.

The redundant EM Cards interact with each other to monitor and control power supply units and cooling fans for more energy efficient operations.

Optimal resource allocation

NEC’s Blade server systems optimizes server consolidation in conjunction with SigmaSystemCenter (SSC) platform management software. The SSC is an all-in-one platform management solution designed for centralized management and policy-based autonomy. It monitors CPU usage rates and dynamically allocates server resources based on changing operational loads.

The SSC’s load-balancing ability allows system administrators to respond to abrupt changes in their business environment. When uneven server loads are detected, the SSC shuts down lightly loaded servers to gain power-savings. It powers on standby servers when active servers are heavily loaded.

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Support for extensive switch modules

The Blade server systems solves a cabling headache by supporting a variety of pass-through and switch module options. These modules are designed to link the server blades to user ports without cables for better configuration connectivity. Unlike conventional rack-mount servers, the Blade Sever systems requires many fewer network and fibre channel cables and frees administrators from cabling hassles.

The benefits of reducing cabling efforts also include reducing cable costs and preventing the system from malfunctioning due to the heat from tangled cables and wires.