Our Services


In addition to solutions, we also offer consulting services that provide clients with the ability to obtain skills and experience required to support the business without the need to invest in costly in-house resources that may not be fully utilized in the long term. By utilizing the skills and experience that Springlab has to offer, our clients benefit from up-to-date knowledge and experience, reduced overall costs and backup as well as piece of mind that comes from working with a well-established organization that takes pride in providing the right solutions.


Our consultants will define client’s architecture for systems, network, and storage. The detailed design plan will list and prioritize specific actions clients should take to build a fundamentally sound, standards-based framework for their IT organization. As part of the design process, the finished plan will present key IT strategies, policies, practices, metrics, methodologies drawn from industry-leading best practices, and a migration plan. We’ll then help them put their new computing environment into production quickly and efficiently, including testing and deployment. With services ranging above our clients can be confident that Springlab has the service portfolio to successfully support their business at every stage of its ICT usage and development.

Our Support


Maintenance for IT equipment is the key factor for not only maximizing Information Technology investment dollar spent, but more importantly, the single most critical factor of consideration for ensuring business continuity.

In response to this need, Springlab hardware service has designed three programs, Standard, Enhanced and Premium, to cater to varying needs of the industry. Our programs offer maximum flexibility to your complex environment and business needs, and at the same time pushes incredible savings to your bottom line.

Standard Program

With maintenance support coverage during Office Hours (9am – 6pm) and a guaranteed on-site response within 4 hours, this is an essential survival kit for organizations on their development, testing or non-mission critical systems.

Enhanced Program

This program is designed for customers requiring high availability for key business systems. It provides a 24-by-7 round the clock assurance of maintenance service with on-site response within 4 hours for business critical systems.

Premium Program

Ideal for organisations that demand maximum availability, the Premium Program provides a round the clock coverage as well as 2 hours quick response time for immediate remedial action. In addition, Premium program also incorporate exclusive features like SoS (Storage/Server-On-Standby) for immediate recovery during prolong system failure.

Depending on the programs subscribed, customers can expect the following provisions:

  • On-site maintenance coverage
  • Guaranteed on-site response timing
  • Problem diagnostic and problem resolution of hardware
  • Technical Account Coverage
  • Technical Support Review
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Storage/Server-On-Standby (SoS)
  • Patch management and review

You can enjoy excellent IT support for your systems today by making the right choice now with Springlab.

Technical Call Center

Our call center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle your customers’ complicated technical questions by phone, Web, and email. When we identify a hardware failure, we dispatch our field engineers promptly.

For software problems, we analyze the cause and then either solve them or (if necessary) jointly escalate the problem to the manufacturer.

Because Springlab specializes in the Asia-South region, our engineers are fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia. That enables to cover the exploding IT growth in South East Asia. You can depend on Springlab as your one-stop high level service provider.

Service Offerings

  • Remote diagnosis and monitoring
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Self service knowledge-management database
  • Escalation
  • Remote bug fixes

Supported Technologies (partial list)

  • Storage System
  • UNIX systems
  • Linux systems
  • Windows systems
  • Web-based systems
  • Networks
  • SAN systems
  • Server/client systems
  • Wireless