Manage Data, Optimize Performance, Reduce Costs

• Efficiently manage data and IT assets for availability, performance, protection and lower operational costs
• Use complete software solutions that cover storage management, data resilience and IT operations
• Take advantage of software integrated with our storage systems to consolidate your storage infrastructure
Hitachi software helps you transform your data centers into information centers to deliver capacity and compute resources quickly to meet your business needs.. It increases IT staff productivity and improves data access and operating expenses. It also enables cloud ready infrastructures with multitenant storage services, maintains enterprise-class security and improves data management efficiency without compromising the infrastructure’s reliability and availability.
Hitachi Command Suite complements Hitachi storage systems to make them the fastest, most reliable and easiest to manage storage solutions available. High levels of usability, workflow, scalability, performance and integration help IT organizations maximize their return on storage assets and minimize operational costs.

Tuning Manager

Optimize Performance between Applications and Storage

  • Provides intelligent and path-aware storage resource management to monitor, report and analyze storage network resources from the application to the storage device
  • Enables end-to-end visibility for both physical and virtual servers required to identify, isolate and diagnose storage performance bottlenecks
  • Facilitates predictive capacity planning with proactive monitoring, integrated alerting capabilities and historical trending

TrueCopy Synchronous Remote Replication Software

Immediate Replication up to 190 Miles

  • Provides a continuous, nondisruptive, host-independent remote data replication solution for data protection, disaster recovery or data migration purposes
  • Enables immediate and verified data replication within distances of up to 190 miles (300km)
  • Compatible with Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 family, Hitachi Universal Storage Platform® V and VM, and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform systems

Tiered Storage Manager

Easy-to-use Interface for Managing Custom Storage Tiers

  • Allows IT administrators to easily and interactively match requirements for application quality of service (QoS) to heterogeneous storage assets
  • Moves data volumes to match application-driven price, performance and availability requirements to storage system characteristics
  • Works with Hitachi Universal Storage Platform® family and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform to move data nondisruptively through an easy-to-use interface

Storage Navigator Modular 2

Basic Management Tool for the Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000

  • More efficient storage management
  • Better visibility and centralized control of all enterprise storage
  • Improved storage utilization

Dynamic Tiering

Automate Storage TieringAutomate storage tiering and improve performance

  • Automates optimized use of tiered storage infrastructure
  • Automatically moves fine-grain pages to position data according to workload, maximize storage service levels and minimize storage costs
  • Provides all the wide striping performance, simplified administration and storage capacity savings benefits of Dynamic Provisioning

Dynamic Replicator (HDR)

Secure Data, Ensure Continuous Business Operations

  • Heterogeneous replication, physical or virtual environments, enterprise-class clustering and scalability
  • Continuous data protection (CDP)
  • Application-consistent failover and failback