3000 Series Flash Memory Arrays

3000 Series Flash Memory Arrays

Flash Memory Storage Arrays – Insanely Powerful

Violin 3000 Series flash Memory Arrays are all-silicon systems architected from the ground up to harness the full power of flash memory and deliver industry leading sustained performance and latency.

Capable of up to 325,000 IOPS and latencies as low as 200µs, a 3RU tall 3000 Series array virtually eliminates storage bottlenecks and delivers highly reliable storage that keeps pace with the performance density of modern computing infrastructures. The 3000 can be direct attached to high-performance application servers via PCIe or connected to an FC or iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN) via an external Violin Memory Gateway. Accelerate your business with storage at the speed of memory.


Flash Memory Fabric – System-wide Optimization Running at Hardware Line Rates

The core of the 3000 is the Flash Memory Fabric, a resilient mesh of thousands of flash dies that work in concert to continuously optimize performance, latency, and longevity. Contrary to SSD based systems that reuse legacy disk based architectures, the Flash Memory Fabric is the result of an all silicon system approach with patented flash optimization algorithms implemented in hardware, operating at line rate.

The Flash Memory Fabric of the 3000 Series is composed of either SLC or MLC flash and can scale from 2.6TB of raw capacity all the way up to 21.5TB.

Violin Memory Gateway – Shared Storage Virtualization for FC & iSCSI Connectivity

For Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN connectivity, a shared, highly available pair of Violin Memory Gateways can virtualize multiple 3000 Series flash Memory Arrays. Clustering multiple 3000 arrays enables linear scaling of capacity and performance while the Violin Memory Gateways enable standard LUN management functionality, consolidated provisioning, and monitoring.