Big Data


Big Data @ the Speed of Memory

With a portfolio that spans from server side PCIe Memory Cards to SAN-attached flash Memory Arrays, Violin is uniquely positioned to easily and cost-effectively scale Big Data, Real-Time Data platforms.

Disruptive Economics for Scale-Out NoSQL Clusters

Velocity Memory Cards are a perfect fit for in-memory Real-Time Data platforms deployed on scale-out clusters of commodity servers with tight latency requirements.
With a patented flash optimization algorithms implemented directly in hardware, Velocity Memory Cards use negligible amounts of CPU and DRAM, allowing greater amounts of data to be stored and processed. Violin flash Memory Arrays provide the right combination of throughput, IOPS and low latency for scale-out NoSQL.

Simply Accelerate Splunk

Violin flash Memory Arrays easily accelerate Splunk infrastructures. Splunk Indexer nodes require low latency, high IOPS storage sub-systems to concurrently ingest and index large amounts of data and process end-user queries.

Moving Splunk indices to Violin Memory storage (cards or arrays) enables the same compute infrastructure to simply scale to support increases of ingested data and queries processed per day.

Supercharge MongoDB and Cassandra

Violin Memory storage solutions offer superior performance for NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra, specifically when they are used for near real-time data processing supported by large numbers of indices. Violin performs 10-40x faster than disks for queries and up to nearly 300% faster for data loading.


Improve Hadoop Efficiency

Similarly, benchmarks demonstrate superior performance of Violin flash Memory Arrays under a variety of workloads provided by Hadoop and Hbase.