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Scale Your Data Warehouse Beyond Limits

Violin solutions for data warehousing provide the best combination of performance, scalability and manageability for enterprises that need an exceptionally fast, reliable and predictable infrastructure. With 40TB capacity in a single 3U enclosure, Violin solutions allow customers to store as much as 500TB of data in a single rack, delivering a data warehousing storage platform that reduces complexity and increasing data loading speeds and efficiency by a single factor.

Sustain Peak Performance and Simplify Management

Violin Architecture uses patented technology to remove performance degradation normally associated with writes to disk, SSD drives or Flash-based PCIe cards to deliver sustainable performance that lasts even as the storage devices age and fill. Throughput will not degrade dependent upon usage patterns or data locality which allows customers to avoid systemic degradation issues.
Setup, configuration and management of the storage tier in the Violin architecture is significantly faster and more simple than disk or SSD based solutions. Ther is no LUN striping to architect, no separation of data, log and temp space or tiering software to admin and all LUNs perform the same regardless of locality. Such consistency allows CIOs and the technical staff to plan for and maintain performance levels stipulated by an SLA with ease.

Certified for Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse

SQL Server 2012 fast Track for Violin Memory is the industry’s first all-silicon data warehouse solution. This validated solution combines SQL Server 2012 Enterprise with the unparalleled performance of the Violin 6000 series Memory Array, giving you the most efficient hardware for your solution, saving you time and avoidingthe potential costs associated with choosing the right technology for your business needs.

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❝ When you consolidate from 13 servers down to two servers thanks to the Violin flash memory Arrays, you save a lot of maintenance and support costs. The reduction in power and cooling consumption brought significant cost benefits as well. ❞

~Stanley Wu, VP of Operations, Dataquick