Accelerate Oracle 11g with Storage at the Speed of Memory

Whether your I/O-intensive Oracle databases support data warehouses, online transaction processing (OLTP) systems or real-time analytics, Violin flash Memory Arrays deliver unbeatable performance that scales to hundreds of terabytes of data enabling you to run multiple, massive databases completely at the speed of memory.


Maximize Performance and Throughput at Massive Scale

  • Maximize ROI with faster transactions and increased end-user productivity
  • Exceed SLAs with storage that provides low-latency, high throughput
  • Achieve proactive and predictive competitive advantage with real-time data access for real-time analytics


Consolidate Workloads Without Sacrificing

  • Consolidate mixed workloads without worrying about I/O randomization
  • Maximize throughput, minimize latency and support rapid, exponential data growth
  • Reduce complexity as systems become more manageable
  • Save up to 80% in power, space, cooling savings compared to traditional storage


Virtualize Tier-1 Oracle Workloads for Greater Agility

  • Enable virtualization of production databases with no I/O performance penalty
  • Increase virtual machine density and support heavily mixed workloads
  • Easily migrate virtual machines to limit the impact of planned maintenance
  • Eliminate performance bottlenecks and minimize latency caused by virtualization


Certified for Use With Oracle VM

Violin Memory solutions are certified by Oracle for use with Oracle VM, enabling customers that deploy Oracle Linux or Oracle VM on Violin solutions to benefit from streamlined joint support.

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❝ In different environments, without any tuning, we noticed improvements ranging from 300 percent to 800 percent for query performance and 200 percent to 400 percent for batch type processing. And this was all done without having to invest in tuning, code rewrites, expensive consultants, or new implementations. ❞

~CIO, Major MVNO Telecom